Welcome to Pension Review Services

Pension Review Services, founded in 1975, is a third party administration firm (TPA) providing the highest quality consulting and actuarial services for qualified retirement plans. We work with employers of all industries, whether a sole proprietor or a medium-sized business.

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View the podcast below with our Actuary, Dave Yackel, “Using a Cash Balance Plan to Save Large Pre-Tax Dollars”:

Podcast – Using a Cash Balance Plan to Save Large Pre-Tax Dollars

Claim a tax deduction and save for your retirement as well as provide your employees with a competitive benefit package. Explore the types of plans for which we can provide services.

Plan Types

We offer several plan types; each one designed to fit your needs.

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Our Services

Plan Design Services: We custom design the Plan that is right for your company
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Compliance Services: We prepare plan documents and amendments for counsel
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Actuarial and Administrative Services: We calculate contributions, perform required testing, and prepare Form 5500 Filings
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Advantages of a Qualified Plan

Why should an employer have a pension plan?

  • One of the few remaining tax shelters
  • Income tax deduction for contributions
  • Tax-deferred return on invested assets
  • Postponement of and increase options for taxation of benefits
  • Motivational tool to attract and retain key employees
  • Life insurance can be purchased on a pre-tax basis
  • To be able to retire with dignity and not have to depend upon your children or the government
  • Receive a tax credit for a new pension plan, click here to find out how

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Advantages of Using PRS

  • Experienced staff
  • Dedicated service
  • Our sole expertise is in designing, establishing, and administering qualified pension plans; we do not do payroll, we do not do investments, we do not recordkeep investments
  • We do not receive commissions from the plan’s investments
  • We are consultants, not clerks. We stand out because:
    • We question data we receive that doesn’t seem right or is sketchy
    • We reconcile employer and employee allocations to the penny
    • We include a letter with every valuation report we do which details any action the plan sponsor needs to take
  • We load all important information about your Plan in ShareFile, our client portal