Our Team

Bill Cavooris, EA, MSPA
Consulting Actuary

Bill is an Enrolled Actuary, certified by the federal government to perform actuarial services, and a Member of ASPPA and its American Society of Enrolled Actuaries.  Since becoming an Enrolled Actuary in 1988, Bill has provided exceptional pension services to small and mid-size firms. He has considerable insight into the needs and goals of small business owners, leading him to design plans that are compatible with the client’s objectives. His knowledge of all types of plans, including defined benefit, cash balance, profit sharing, and 401(k) plans, has contributed to a successful career dealing with satisfied clients.

In addition to pension services, Bill is experienced in performing actuarial valuations of “Other Post Employment Benefits” for small municipalities. These valuations provide a measure of current and future liabilities for health and other benefits provided to employees in retirement. With the release of Government Accounting Standards Board Statement 45 and subsequently Statement 75, such valuations are essential for GASB and financial statemen compliance.

In his spare time, Bill volunteers at the Peanut Butter & Jelly Gang/Hospitality Too soup kitchen in Brentwood, NY, helping to provide food to the hungry and delivering supplies for the Saturday meal.

Sue A. Feller, MLS

Ms. Feller is the President of Pension Review Services, which she
and her husband, Ben, purchased in 1994. She graduated from Hofstra
University magna cum laude with a Liberal Arts degree and worked in the
home office of a major New York City life insurance company in various
positions of increasing responsibility. She returned to school to
earn a Master’s degree in Library Science and before assuming
responsibilities at PRS was on the faculty of the Hofstra University
Library, specializing in the electronic utilization of serial

Michael Rosenbloom, MSM
Manager of Administrative Services

Mr. Rosenbloom is Manager of Administrative Services at Pension
Review Services and provides administrative services for defined
contribution plans. He schedules the work flow in his department and
supervises the work generated by the staff administrators. Mike has
filled this capacity since 1995. In addition to Mike’s managerial
functions, he oversees the takeover of new plans and the transition from
traditional balance-forward plans to daily-valued plans. He also
plays an important role in the firm in designing defined contribution
plans for both new and existing clients.

Prior to joining Pension Review Services he managed the operations
of the Retirement Plan Group of a firm specializing in benefits for
small businesses. Mike worked for six years at that firm, first as an
administrator of defined contribution plans and then as manager of
administrative work.

Mike also worked for ten years in banking at the world headquarters
of a major international bank. Mike negotiated with high net worth
clients on loans, time deposits, commissions and exchange rate
benefits. He also authored articles in the bank’s internal
publications, analyzing events in the world currency markets and
updating investment counselors throughout the bank’s network of

Michael has passed five Society of Actuaries exams and has a Master
of Science in Management from Boston University, graduating number one
in his class. Michael also received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Stony Brook University with a major in linguistics.