Benefit Limits

Indexed Employee Benefit Limits

1. Maximum deferral to a 401(k) Plan$23,000$22,500
2. Maximum 401(k) Catch Up Contribution - age 50 and over$7,500$7,500
3. Maximum Profit Sharing Plan contribution for a participant$69,000$66,000
4. Maximum 401(k) and Profit Sharing Plan contribution for a participant age 50 or older$76,500$73,500
5.Maximum Defined Benefit Pension Plan Benefit (Dollar Limit payable at ages 62 to 65)$275,000$265,000
6. Maximum compensation that can be used for Plan purposes$345,000$330,000
7. Highly Compensated Employee Compensation Threshold$155,000$150,000
8. Social Security Taxable Wage Base$168,600$160,200
9. Medicare Wage BaseUnlimitedUnlimited