About ShareFile




You, the client, will have your own portal (or folder, as ShareFile calls it) and over time, your folder will accumulate important information or requests for information about your Plan, such as:

  • Annual Reporting package
  • Annual Valuation Reports, including Participant Statements
  • Participant distribution and loan packages
  • Plan documentation, including Plan documents, Summary Plan Descriptions, and Plan amendments

PRS will primarily use ShareFile for communications with you when:

  • the information (or request for information) contains confidential data
  • the files we need to send are too large for an email
  • the information being placed in your portal will be handy as a reference source

To register for the first time, you will receive a welcome email which contains a link to ShareFile.  The email will, most likely, be from jgillespie@pensionreviewservices.com with a subject line of “Pension Review Services has added you to ShareFile.”  If you somehow miss the email, you can call Janet (631-465-0850), and she can send you the welcome email upon request.

Once you see the welcome email, click on the link: “Click here to …”.  The link sends you directly to ShareFile where you will be asked to create a unique password.  After clicking “Save,” you will be sent to the Folder for your Plan.  Inside your folder are other folders and files relevant to your Plan.  For instance:

    1. The Data Request folder, which contains forms for you to complete so that we can prepare the annual administration work.
    2. The Employee Communications folder, which contains items which must be distributed to plan participants.
    3. The Plan Documentation folder, which contains all materials relevant to the plan document, including amendments, if any, and related employee handouts.
    4. Various files associated with the administration of the Plan.


Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions on navigating within ShareFile.  Our March 2014 newsletter, “ShareFile: The Basics” (March 2014), is devoted to a complete overview of the ShareFile system from a user perspective.